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Chicago Bears Select PACO Collective To Lead Hispanic, Cross-Cultural Marketing


CHICAGO — PACO Collective today announced it will be providing public relations, strategy, content development and community relations to the Chicago Bears to help drive Hispanic fan avidity and engagement within the Hispanic community.

PACO helps its clients answer the questions every consumer wants to know, “How will your brand support my passions?” and “Why should I care about your product or service?”  By applying its understanding of what motivates Hispanic sports fans, PACO will help the Bears create an ongoing conversation that will generate more excitement and a greater affinity of football among all Hispanics.

“Professional football is the most popular sport in America, and yet, when it comes to Hispanic audiences we still have to invite this segment through culturally-relevant content & conversations to evolve from fans to family,” said Ozzie Godinez, PACO’s CEO and co-founder. “We’re going to be helping the Chicago Bears make sure they gain the most Hispanic engagement in Chicagoland and across the U.S. by appealing to the sense of community that drives NFL fan support and game attendance.”

The Chicago Bears have been committed to delivering more Spanish-language content and events for its Hispanic fans through its ¡Vamos Bears! platform. Last year they signed a multi-year agreement to broadcast their games live on two of Univision’s radio stations.  They’ve also created signature events and programs to engage Hispanic youth and offer opportunities for the community to enjoy being a Bears fans, such as ¡Vamos Bears! Day at Training Camp and Family Fest.

“The Bears have been winning more Hispanic fans for years – and yet we realize we still have a lot of work to do,” said Scott Hagel, S.V.P. of Marketing & Communications for the Chicago Bears Football Club. “We trust PACO’s expertise and insight into Hispanic consumers and their ability to connect the Bears with these already avid sports fans. We are excited to continue our momentum of delivering more relevant content than ever before to keep our Hispanic fans engaged on game days and beyond.”

Nielsen Media estimated approximately 1.5 million Hispanics made up 8.7% of the viewing audience for NFL game broadcasts in 2014. This represented significant growth from previous years, and yet with more than 50 million Hispanics inthe United States, there is still a lot of room for additional engagement.

“There are more things that unite us than the ones that separateus,” added Pablo Acosta, PACO’s Chief Creative Officer and co-founder.  “PACO’s approach to cross-cultural marketing considers cultural nuances and helps brands build meaningful relationships that transcend cultures and create trust by better understanding consumers passions. We are excited to partner with the Chicago Bears to help continue building fan affinity among the Hispanic community to help create an emotional connection between the Bears and our community.”

PR Newswire contributed to this report.