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YouTube star Hannah Hart’s New Web Series Encourages You to Feed Your Passion

In season one, well-loved cultural icons dish about life, pasta and the pursuit of passion


Northbrook, IL– Hannah Hart, YouTuber, creator of My Drunk Kitchen and New York Times bestselling author, knows how to have a good time over a good meal better than anyone. As the host of the new web series, While the Water Boils, now live on YouTube and PassionForPasta.com™, Hart is once again doing what she does best with the help of cultural icons like Bill Nye and others who embody distinct passions.

In each episode, Hart welcomes a different celebrity guest into her kitchen and delves into their passions — art, science, comedy, fashion and lots more. Season one showcases intimate interviews with Bill Nye, famously known as ‘The Science Guy’; Rachel Zoe, designer, editor, stylist, best-selling author and entrepreneur; and Hebru Brantley, Chicago-born artist, as they talk with Hannah about what drives them – all in the time it takes a pot of water to boil.

In this timeframe, Hannah gets an inside, hands-on look at what her guests have learned in the pursuit of their passions. For example, while the water boils, Bill Nye explains that “everything you do in the kitchen—from boiling water to experimenting with the perfect pasta pairings—is science.” This is the boiling point that defines the entire series – Hart spotlights accomplished professionals who have followed their passion and, in turn, their life stories inspire others to follow suit and make the most of however much time they’ve got.

“Cooking allows me to be who I am,” Hart says. “For me, food is passionate, especially ingredients like pasta, because it permits me to be creative and innovative. At the same time, it is something I can share, so it also gives me the opportunity to see what makes others tick.

Hart was chosen to be the host of the series because her passion is at the intersection of food, friends, and fun, as showcased on her wildly popular YouTube channelMyHarto. “The path taken by each of my While the Water Boils guests is so unique and different from one another” Hart says. “It proves this truth: no matter where you start, if you trust yourself, honor those around you, and pursue what you love, anything can happen.”

The While the Water Boils series consists of two three-episode seasons, both of which will be available for viewing on Barilla’s US YouTube page and PassionForPasta.com. The second season, which premieres in October 2016, features a different set of passionate people sharing their experiences and creating personal recipes with Hannah. Comedian and actress Wanda Sykes, actor and performer Theo Rossi and professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto bring even more fresh and fun perspectives to the series.

“The celebrities featured in this video series are compelling because they were able to take their passions and turn them into a career,” Hart notes.