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Police Release Video in Charlotte After Pressure from Public


Plagued with inconsistent statements and confusion over the events surrounding the deadly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott that lead to conflicting statements from the Police Department and the City Attorney.

After walking back the story that Scott had aimed a weapon at the officer, the Chief of Police Kerr Putney stated that it was not clear in the video that a weapon was pointed at the officer but still maintaining that Scott was armed during the altercation. Other video that has surfaced of the that many believe tell a different story.

Gov. Pat McCrory has supported the decision to release the video stating, ” We have appreciated the ongoing dialogue and team work between state and city officials to seek public transparency while protecting the integrity of the investigation and the rights of all parties involved in the case.”

ASN has also requested the communication and audio recording from dispatch to bring clarification to the events that lead to Scott’s death. Despite the Police Chief’s statement in today’s press conference that he is sure nobody would take the department to court to have a judge order the release of additional information, ASN has already started the legal steps necessary to do just that.

Continue to follow ASN for further developments on this story.