Man apprehended by police while climbing Trump Tower in NYC using suction cups.


A man scaling the all-glass facade of the Trump Tower in New York using large suction cups has been pulled inside by police.

The climber had a backpack and used a harness and rope stirrups to fasten himself to the side of the 58-storey Manhattan skyscraper.

He had been climbing for about two hours Wednesday and appeared to be at least 10 storeys up when police reached him.

When he was captured, there were police in two windows and on the window washer’s platform on a third side of the building.

The climber played a slow-motion cat-and-mouse game with officers, eluding them by methodically working his way across the facade and angled corners of the building.

He was speaking with officers through the holes cut in the side of the building. When would-be rescuers smashed a window above him, he ducked to avoid big shards of glass that fell.

Police deployed large, inflated crash pads at the scene but made no visible attempt to grab him as he passed their positions.

A large crowd gathered near the building.

The tower is headquarters to Donald Trump’s Republican presidential campaign and his business empire. Trump also lives there.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

Terraces and other parts of the building are open to the public during the day.