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As Metro Shutdowns Begin, Local Businesses Urge DC Council to Reject Restrictive Scheduling Legislation

Schedules and commutes will be upended enough already without piling on a restrictive scheduling bill


WASHINGTON — This Saturday Metro begins a year-long metro repair and rebuilding project known as SafeTrack that the Washington Post has warned will deliver “a schedule that guarantees headaches for hundreds of thousands of riders who use the system daily.”The DC Jobs and Growth Partnership, a group of local businesses and concerned citizens committed to local job creation, is calling on the DC Council to reject new legislation that they say would further inconvenience workers and disrupt operations of businesses in the district.

“With metro track work, closures and early shutdowns, workers schedules and commutes will be upended enough without piling on a restrictive scheduling bill,” Said Steven Jumper, a spokesperson for the partnership. “The unintended consequences of this bill are that people trying to get to and from work will now be burdened with less flexibility and more uncertainty.”

The bill, known as The Hours and Scheduling Stability Act, would require certain district businesses to post work schedules 21 days in advance. Businesses would incur financial penalties for schedule changes made within the 21-day window, making it unlikely that employees would retain the ability they often have today to change or trade shifts based on commuting or other needs.

The legislation is set to be marked up in committee on June 23rd.

“This bill is a step back for economic development in the district, and it couldn’t come at a worse time,” said Jumper. “At a time when local businesses are trying to provide their workers more options and flexibility, some DC council members seem intent on making the situation worse. We strongly urge the DC City Council and Mayor Bowser to reject this legislation and focus their efforts on making it easier for businesses to locate and operate within the District of Columbia.”

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