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Anti-Trump protests held in Toronto.


A small group of Donald Trump supporters showed up at an anti-Trump rally Saturday afternoon and got into a yelling match with protesters. Police were needed to maintain order.

“All these people are against capitalism yet Hillary Clinton was the candidate who took the most money from Wall Street,” said Trump supporter Mark Stewart.

“She’s the candidate of the corporate elite; Trump’s the one who is going to put the American workers first.”

Clutching umbrellas while waving signs condemning U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, an estimated several hundred protesters gathered at Nathan Phillips square for a rally and march towards Toronto’s Trump Tower.

“We are hoping to stand in solidarity with Americans,” said co-organizer Kayla Perry.

“We as Canadians will help our neighbors by showing that misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, sexual assault, ableism, transphobia and violence are absolutely intolerable,” read a statement on the event’s Facebook Page.

This is the second week of protests in Toronto. Other Canadian cities like Vancouver have also joined the movement which has seen thousands rally against the President-elect after winning a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“We really need to have a backbone and say, ‘this is a man we can call a fascist in the White House now.’ Those are the values he represents,” said Cheri DiNovo, an NDP MPP who attended today’s rally.

“I would call on every elected representative to speak out.”

Labour activist Sid Ryan also attended. The rally and march were also meant to send a message that the type of racism the U.S. has seen in the wake of their presidential election is not acceptable in Canada.

Organizers stressed Saturday’s event was meant to be peaceful. Over 3,000 people indicated they were planning to attend, while over 7,000 expressed interest online.

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