November 29, 2022

Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle’s Spare Parts

Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle's Spare Parts

If your car has been around for a few years, you might have noticed signs that you need to replace your auto spare parts. These signs include Tire wear, a ding in the battery, and worn suspension system bushings. But other signs may indicate you need to replace some parts or your vehicle is no longer reliable. These signs are worth looking out for, so keep reading to learn more about your vehicle’s spare parts.

Tire wear:

Your vehicle’s tires play an important role in your safety, as the only parts that touch the ground. They also play an important role in braking and handling, as well as in overall highway safety. The proper tire inflation and inspection are the keys to maintaining your tires. Regular tire inspections can help you identify a low tread depth or uneven wear. Uneven tread wear can indicate improper inflation, damaged tires, or suspension problems.

Dying battery:

A dying battery is one of the first signs that your vehicle suffers from a battery malfunction. It powers many electrical components in your vehicle, including the radio, dashboard lights, and heater. Depending on the age of your battery, it can begin to lose its power and stop functioning properly. If you’re having problems starting your car, or the car doesn’t crank properly, replace the battery. The good news is that most cars come with warning lights that tell you if you’re experiencing any of these problems.

Worn bushings in the suspension system:

You may notice your steering wheel pulls when you brake, caused by worn bushings in your vehicle’s suspension system. Bushings hold the control arm and the frame of your vehicle in place, but when they start to wear out, your vehicle’s suspension will become unbalanced, causing the wheels to misalign. The best way to detect worn bushings is to inspect the wheel alignment. If you can’t do it yourself, you should get your vehicle up on jacks or a lift to look underneath the suspension system.

Dying spark plug wire:

If you have noticed that the spark plug wire is dimmer than the original, it’s time to change it. Over time, spark plugs can develop a brownish hue, which can signify buildup or a malfunctioning component. To determine whether you need to replace the spark plug, you can check the plug’s color with a flashlight or other tool.