The 4 Reasons Why Immigration is a Good Choice

The 4 Reasons Why Immigration is a Good Choice

Immigrants are looking for better job opportunities. In 2015, 33 percent of immigrant visas were granted to people seeking work. Some come with a job offer, while others may do so purely because they want to find a new career. In either case, immigrants move to a country that offers better wages and jobs. Therefore the demand for Canada immigration agents in Dubai is increasing these days as they can meet your requirements in time. 


The stock of previous immigrants is a strong driver of immigration, which builds persistence. In the nineteenth century, the influence of friends and relatives was a strong pull, and it remains strong today. This is perhaps why immigration policies increasingly focus on family reunification as one of the main entry routes. Nevertheless, there are many reasons for immigration that go beyond these reasons. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Employment opportunities

The immigration of people from other countries has several benefits. One of them is the creation of new jobs, which in turn creates more demand for labor. Another reason for migration is to find better jobs, such as those in the secondary sector. This means a continuous shortage of low-skilled workers in the primary sector, which in turn creates demand for immigrants. This effect directly impacts the labor market, as immigrants often move to cities where the job market is better.

Access to capital

One of the most compelling reasons for immigrants to migrate to other countries is access to capital. According to new research by experts, immigrants use bank accounts more than natives do. The researchers looked at four groups of immigrants and found some significant differences between their use of bank accounts and bank accounts in these countries.

Ethnic networks

Immigration to another country is often linked to ethnic networks, which help new immigrants integrate with the host country. These networks tend to share language, cultural and social norms. In general, recent immigrants move to areas where most of their ethnic group resides. The presence of such networks encourages the spatial concentration of immigrants. In this way, new immigrants can gradually adapt to their new environment within the context of an ethnic group.